ROMINA LADORIO - Romina Radorio (|ロミナ・ラドリオ)

Voiced by: Sumi Shimamoto

Age 15~16. Romina is the princess and future Empress of the planet Ladorio. She is very beautiful: a slender girl with sad blue eyes and a mane of silvery-lavender hair. Romina is modest and sincere. Her home planet of Ladorio was a peaceful planet until it was violently invaded by the Kroken army (Zaboom army). Her narrow escape is actually a mission given to her by her parents: to find 'ninjas' from Earth who would be able to pilot Ladorio's three super robots. She escaped the invaders in her ship, the Xenos 5 (Ellshanc), along with her two closest friends: Jade (Lady Scahffe) and Icelander (Lord Yllbora Saro). She cries over her lost parents, her world and eventually Icelander. However in public Romina puts on a brave front.

Romina is a person who is extremely loyal to the friends and expects the same loyalty from them. Joe falls in love with Romina, and Joe always cheers her up and tries to help her out. Although a Princess, she supports her new friend and even risks her life to save Joe. Slowly they understand each other as their romance blooms. Romina even confesses her love for Joe before Jenny ,who also loves him, and both of them resolve to put appart their differences until their fight with Zaboom army .