King Annex /Annex Zaboom (アネックス・ザブーム Anekkusu Zabūmu) is the main enemy of the series. He seeks to become the master of the universe, and invades Ladorio, the home planet of Romina. He is accompanied by his devoted advisor Charme (Sharumu).He was voiced by Masaaki Okabe in Japanese .

King Annex Zaboom




He is the king of Zaboom planet in the Black star Galaxy. He possesses a large fleet of spaceships and robots He has killed King Lodario and has kept captive the Queen . He first sent his commander Grathan(Gurasan) to solar system to follow and captive princess Romina . But after the death of Grathan he came himself to the solar system with his ship G. Excellent(Super). He appointed Icelander (Yllbora) as the commander of Grathan's ship. Along with Charme and Icelander ,he attacked earth and Xenos 5. He also accepted Hazzard as an underling .

When Joe and Cybertron overwhelmed him , he decided to retreat to Zaboom and gave G.Excellent to Charme and Icelander . He didn't go actually and remained nearby using C-Terahertz (Grathan's Ship) .Later he died when his ship C-Terahertz got destroyed in the collateral damage of destruction of G.Excellent by the time bomb Joe had planted on the later ship.--Pearl