ICELANDER - Yllbora Saro - (Irubora Saro) - (イルボラ・サロ)

Voiced by Masashi Sugawara

Age 20. Icelander ("Yllbora" in Japanese version) is a reserved, ambitious general who can be egotistic and aggressive, but noble and courageous at the same time. He's known as 'The Best Warrior of Ladorio'. He tends to look down on others, nevertheless he seems to be deeply in love with Romina and is determined to fight for her to the end. Although, she remains unaware of his love for her and her own feelings for the commander.

He becomes very jealous of Romina's attention towards Joe. Both are "people of action" and this mutual antipathy ends up in open quarrels and endless fights - a very upsetting situation for Romina who wants to avoid aggression and violence. He is man of great ambition and he dreams of great power; when Kroken (Zaboom) general Grathan Gryn offers Icelander (Ylldora) power in exchange for princess Romina's life, for a moment Icelander (Ylldora) considers killing her. As a result, Icelander (Ylldora) leaves the Xenos 5 (Ellshanc) for good, but cannot forget his own love for Romina and is racked with guilt.

Icelander (Ylldora) finally obtain a robot, Mantis , from Grathan. It  turns out he is a ninja too . Later when Mantis is destroyed by Zoe and Beast Demon Kurojishi, Zerokage chooses Icelander and merges with him. After that He and Zerokage have faced Joe and Cybertron many times and were on leveled power . Towards the end of series when Joe gets a power up , Icelander also gets such power up and faints on excessive use of that.

But he never chose between absolute power and his love for Romina, no matter how he wanted to forget her in battles. In the end as he was seriously injured he decided to tell Romina about his feelings.

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