Following the destruction of G.Excellent , everybody is looking for Joe. It's been 4 days of search so the earth finally stops the search . Enraged by this Jenny moves out to space to search for Joe . She finds her on derbis of G.Excellent but only to be ambushed by Hazzard and his men. Hazzard has both Joe and Icelander along with their Robots . He keeps jenny too as  hostage and asks Princess Romina for three ninja robots in exchange for Jenny and Joe. His plan to own all robots fail as  Joe and Icelander both get out using Cybertron and Zerokage . Desperate to own robots and enraged that his plan failed he sets off the bombs he had planted on them . Both survive the attack and Joe along with Cybertron and Phoenix destroy Hazzard's ship killing him along with it.

Back at Xenos-5 Joe and Icelander reconcile and due to the ninja legend they both combine respectively with Cybertron and Zerokage and the robots go to the hidden room of the ship to combine with the Xenos-5 . They finally blast off to Ladorio to fullfill their destiny.

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